Mirko Geografo WBA International Champion trains with 2BX

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Mirko Geografo

The 2xs Italian champion & number 1 in Italy and WBA international champion who is currently ranked 15 in the world by the WBA, traveled to 2BX gym on the 26th February for sparring and training for preparation for his next fight to train with our renowned pro head coach.

An apartment was arranged by his sponsors near the gym and we arranged a packed week of sparring and training.

No sooner than he had arrived we took him for sparring at another pro gym based in South London to spar Maxime Beaussirie the French middleweight. Mirko sparred 7 x 3s and then pads with the 2BX pro coach.

27th February Mirko arrived at 2BX and we took him to spar Chris Kongo. In the afternoon we did various training with him at 2BX, pad work, bag work, skipping, shadow boxing and circuits.

28th February Mirko arrived at 2BX ready for sparring that we had arranged at Peacock Gym he sparred 2 different pros over 6 rounds.

29th February Mirko trained at 2BX,  we did various boxing drills and pads.

Sunday he rested and managed to do some sightseeing in London.

Monday Mirko arrived at 2BX nice and early ready for more sparring that we had arranged at Peacock gym in East London Mirko had a brilliant spar over 4 rounds with Sean Phillips.

Tuesday before Mirko left to return to Rome we arranged sparring with Chris Kongo, legendary Jim McDonnell ( James DeGales coach) arrived with Chris and Chris & Mirko sparred over 4 brilliant rounds.

Mirko returns in the spring to be trained by 2BX and fight in the UK for a possible European title.