cancellation policy

2BX Cancel Policy

Cancellation Policy for Self Defence courses.

I’ve changed my mind about the course ?
As a consumer, if you change your mind about a course you purchased online or at a distance, you have 14 days from entering into a service contract in which you can cancel it.
This right under the Consumer Contracts Regulations applies regardless of whether the course will be taken online or in person.
We the course provider will not start providing the service before the 14-day cancellation period has ended, unless you’ve requested this, booked on last minute, or the course is already open for you to start. If we cancel the course you will be entitled for a refund – if the course dates are changed due to circumstances out our control such as Covid 19, we will provide a further date.

UK consumer law states no refunds are permitted after the 14 day cancellation, however 2BX offer a credit note or gift voucher at anytime  of cancellation.

Cancellation Policy for Boxing Classes.

Leisure activity exemption
If the course you booked online is one that you’ll attend in person with a specified number of people and on a specific date, it may be defined as a leisure activity.
Leisure activities that are due to take place on a specified date are excluded from your cancellation rights.
Leisure activities usually cover events such as plays or football matches, boxing or swimming lessons but this could apply to some courses too.
Our boxing classes or 1-2-1 boxing classes are for a minimum set term agreement and cannot be cancelled until that agreement is fulfilled, one months notice to cancel is required after the set term or season is paid for.