2BX Home Work Out!

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1) Star Jumps :
Star jumps  are the type of exercise that needs you to jump on the feet repeatedly while moving your hands in the upward and downward direction forming a star or X shape.This workout session needs no equipment or skills, plus it burns about a hundred calories if done for 10 minutes. While doing Star Jumps you need a conditioned heart and a good pair of trainers or can be done barefoot on a yoga mat.Star Jumps are a high impact exercise which sometimes does injure your joints, so do it in a proper pace. Some of the variations in Star jumps  are Plyo-jumps  (squatting and jumping at the same time), push up star jumps, holding a dumbbells.

2) Skipping:
Skipping  exercises are done with the help of a rope attached to a handle at the two sides. In this exercise, a person needs to repeatedly turn the rope and jump over it. For this exercise you just need a rope and a good pair of trainers/boxing boots. The different type of variations in this exercise are crisscrossing the feet, jumping on one foot, jumping with high knees, double turning rope and alternating feet.Remember, this exercise requires practice. It may look easy while seeing, but if you are a beginner and just starting out, then try to do it slowly first. Often beginners trip at the start of this workout so be careful and don’t exceed your speed. If you want the best results, then turn the rope by using your wrists and not arms, also try to jump high enough in order to not trip while skipping, whilst in isolation use this time to learn to skip, skipping is a must for all boxers.

3) Jogging on the Spot:
Jogging is a simple exercise that increases the heart rate and helps in warming up the body for the more intense workout. For this exercise you just need a good pair of trainers/boxing boots and nothing else. The different types of variations in this exercise are, high and wide knees.

4) Burpees:
Burpees are a full body exercise that has four basic steps like squatting, jumping with the feet to a plank position, jumping back and standing up from the same position. While burbees is a full body exercise, it helps in burning up to more than 100 calories in ten minutes. The variations in this exercise are jumping up at the end, stepping the feet back instead of jumping, adding push-ups and using equipments like medicine balls, kettlebell, sliding discs et

5) Squat Jumps:
Squat jumps are a fun exercise that helps in toning up the thigh muscles. In order to do this exercise, you just need to jump high from the squat position landing back to the squat position. Squat Jumps helps in burning calories, increasing the heart rate and power in the legs.This exercise is of high intensity and needs a strong heart and joints. In order to protect your joints, remember to land softly while you jump. The different variation in this exercise is froggy jumps and prisoner squat jumps.

6) Mountain Climbers:
Mountain Climbers are a type of exercise that indulges you to run to and fro from the push-up position. This exercise increases the heart rate while building the endurance and strength in the core. For doing this exercise, you need a strong power in your wrists.This exercise may lead to straining of your arms, shoulders, wrists and core if not done right. In this exercise the type of variations are paper plates or towels, sliding discs and alternate jumping.

7) Walking Lunges :
Not only will walking lunges build strength in your legs, glutes and core muscles, they’ll also help with balance and flexibility—key requirements for any boxer.Start in a lunge position with your knees touching or almost touching the floor.Without pausing, alternate legs, bringing your opposite leg forward into a lunge position.Continue alternating legs while moving forward.For an added challenge, hold something heav

8)Shadow Boxing :
5 or 10 minutes no rest or 2 minute rounds with a 30 second rest.It may seem strange  when starting out,  but shadow boxing is one of the best ways to practice your movement and footwork as a boxer. Plus, it’s more tiring that you might imagine.Here’s a good tutorial on how to start, and some combination ideas.Jab moving forwardsCross then move backwards1/2 combination1/2/3 combination1/2 roll 2 Jab, cross and leading hand hook to the body the pivot on the leading leg.Double jab & crossSide stepping Keep constantly moving, throw shots, move your feet and move your head.For more of a challenge add weights to your hands, or do burpees in the rest.